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Here are the two volumes of My Mom, The Sexy Idol, a hentai manga centered mainly around the love story between a total babe working as a sexy model, and her step-son. The story is not very complex, and yet this is one of these mangas we like first thanks to its scenario, and only after this, for the quality of the drawings. An old-style manga, heh :D

The dialogues are funny, original situations happen, nice developments occur, etcetera. There are also some nice side-stories in the volume 1 (the strict//horny office lady story made me laugh hard, for instance, you’ll see…). The drawings are unfortunately censored, but they’re still good.

This is Mama Gogo, a very long, very hardcore english-translated hentai manga, with tons of groupsex, incest (mothers and sisters), anal, bukakke, titfucks, and more

My sincere thanks go to the translator, Coff 666, you guys may have noticed this isn’t the first work by him that I share online :o
In a way, telling this is a work chosen by Coff 666 is already a description : you know in advance it will contain plump girls with big tits having very hardcore groupsex action !

No scenario, these are independent chapters. Personally, I’d have liked less plump girls and sometimes hips less unrealistic (I made no medical studies, but I’d bet the body representation is wrong), but overall, the manga is good. Hentai free videos

Here is a nice hardcore and full color Code Geass hentai doujin :)

Unlike my previous share of a work by Orange Soft (available here), already a Code Geass doujin, this time you can see various outfits : school uniform, maid, swimsuit, gym shorts… I really prefer that Mind you, there is only one girl this time, that green-haired one.

As of usual, there’s the 2 complete pictures gallery mirrors and the 3 zip link mirrors, have fun leeching, I don’t want to know what you’ll do with the pictures next.

At last, I can once again share a fully english-translated long complete hentai manga, it had been too long :D

The Noble Illusionist is made of independent chapters, so honestly there isn’t much of a scenario. A few scenes are highly enjoyable (like here, and there).

The drawings, as for them, are hardcore, with gigantic dicks (the last chapter… oh-my-god, you’ll understand when you see it…), horny sisters and mothers, some futa, some anal…

The drawing style strongly reminds me of Millefeuille, if you’re familiar with his style.